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Somthing Old Anew!


Somthing old anew?

I sing in German language Canticas to the Gods/Goddesses and about them. „Cantica" also called Kanediiśe in old Celtic is an ancient genre rediscovered now! It is carrying/"bearing" music, singing based on ancient wisdom about the Goddesses/Gods. Canticas are hymns of infinity! 

I am a „Beŕ"- „Beŕ“ is old Celtic for „Bard“. Bards are singers of mythology, of bearing, uplifting words and they have a certain position within the Celtic culture, which is also called "Geltica" or "Geleiśe". 

The Album Cantica with German Lyrics, available for download here. One Track is just 1 .- and the whole album just 9,9.-! Enjoy: 

or you can get it as a  CD with a German in depth booklet for just 11,90 .-. (plus a certain shipping and customs fee, which depends on the country you reside in) 

Order now:

Brita´s Music is for download also available here:

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CD´s are available in regional German stores:

‘Lieder des Herzens

Lieder der Kraft

Lieder der Geltica

Ganzheit erschafft

Manifest your dreams with the power of music, with the Goddesses and Gods!

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